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Attention SB 1383 Implementers

Are you looking for creative solutions to satisfy your SB 1383 requirements? Did you know organics to Animal Feed is an approved SB 1383 pathway and the infrastructure is already in place? 

This page will help you identify if Organics to Animal Feed is right for your jurisdiction. If it is, you can find tools here to help you support this activity and achieve SB 1383 success.

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Traditional Organics Recycling Solutions Webinars

Series 1: Traditional Organics

Material Pathways & Facilities

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Series 2: Maintaining Agriculture as a

Municipal Recycling Solution

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Session 1:

Michael Koewler - Sacramento Rendering

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Matt Creighton - J.D. Heiskell & Co

Session 2:

Rachel Oster - Diversion Strategies

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Has your jurisdiction considered a kitchen grease collection program to support your SB 1383 compliance goals?

Renderers collect used restaurant cooking oils to clean and recycle them into ingredients for animal feed, and to be used in biodiesel and renewable diesel for cars, trucks, airplanes, and other equipment. Conversion of Fats Oils and Greases to animal feed is an approved diversion activity under SB 1383

Both commercial and residential kitchen grease collection and recycling programs can be established as a tool for SB 1383 compliance. Find a service provider near you by using our organics to animal feed mapping feature or contact to learn more.

Organic Material Pathways

This Infographic shows all the available pathways for the byproducts of agricultural processing. Interested in seeing if this infrastructure is available for organics recycling in your jurisdiction?

Check out our Facility Map and contact for more information.


Supporting Organics to Animal Feed in your SB 1383 Ordinance

Jurisdictions that wish to support organics to animal feed as a pathway for SB 1383 compliance can do so through the exemption section in a jurisdiction’s local ordinance. An example of this within an open franchise system is shown here:

Interested in how to support this activity in your solid waste ordinances, franchises and contracts?                    

Send an inquiry to:

Organics to Animal Feed   Grant Information

The SB 1383 Organics Grant Program facilitated by CalRecycle is now accepting Organics to Animal Feed projects for funding. If you are interested in finding a partner in or around your jurisdiction click the buton below to inquire. 

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